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Reynard AKA ReyDex is a play on words from his name being Reynard (or Rey for short) and Dex like the DJ decks. The reason he wanted his name apart of his Alias is going back to his French heritage about a popular European Character “Reynard the Fox” Which also plays into his logo being the fox. And like the fox in the stories, He plans on rising as an artist in his own fashion maybe not taking the exact same path as other artist like him, “I want to be different, I want my music to only sound like I made it so overall the main draw I want people to take about ReyDex is my uniqueness in my sound, stage presence, and overall nuances as an artist”. ReyDex has Released music under the European Label of Vela Music as well as the Texas based Label AftrLife Records and stay Tuned for his newest Release “Heaven on Earth” on the Canadian owned LFTD


Agency AFTRLIFE Entertainment

Phone 8177154824

Email [email protected]


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