Experience A Psychedelic Moment With indigo And Her New Single ‘Before You Go’

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‘Before You Go’ invites you to fly into the clouds with the vibrant Texas-based DJ and producer, indigo. Released via AFTRLIFE Records, ‘Before You Go’ is a twisty future bass track that strives to bring some joy and happiness into your life. This track is meant to be played at top volume everywhere, whether it is in your car or in your bedroom – it pushes a listener to just jam out and feel a feeling.  

‘Before You Go’ is the first track release on the brand new upcoming DFW-based label, AFTRLIFE Entertainment, as it was all developed from a piano chord and vocal loop. If the chords have the capability to make a listener feel hopeful, maybe this has the potential to lighten up their life a little bit. And if indigo’s mood is changed when listening to the song, it could also help people who are feeling down or who need a little pick-me-up song. 

The words “before you go” mean that “before you go” somewhere, tell your friends you love them because who knows when they may not see you again. It also symbolizes the yin and yang of the universe and how incredibly harmonious it truly is as the dark tone is brought into ‘Before You Go’. 

The uplifting drops are supposed to allow you to celebrate life and spread the love and light to your friends and loved ones through music. Then in the end the sudden drop is supposed to allow you to safely get rid of any bad and negative energy that you have been cultivating. 

While watching the video, you will discover yourself in a beautiful and psychedelic dream. As you listen and watch, you will acquire an understanding of how not all dreams are good, but that you can choose to concentrate on the good or the bad aspects. The video starts off with indigo taking a tab with a red balloon, which transforms her into an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ atmosphere. She is immediately greeted by a man in a suit with a horse head. This character symbolizes her spirit guide though she won’t realize that until later. She tries to call for help in a phone booth where her spirit guide shows up but this time with a red balloon. This peace offering is what causes indigo to realize that the horseman is a spirit guide sent by a past loved one. 


Photo Credit: Jose Camacho


Photo Credit: Jose Camacho


Photo Credit: Jose Camacho

“The red balloon represented this tradition my Dad and I used to do as a kid, where we would set balloons free in remembrance of my past loved ones. In the music video when the horse head guy, aka. The spirit guide has the red balloon, it’s supposed to represent a peace offering but also a realization to Indigo that this person isn’t supposed to be there to scare her, but to be there to help and guide her along her psychedelic adventure. I hope ‘Before You Go’ brings some happiness and light into your life. There’s so much darkness in the world and it’s easy to get caught up in the bad and forget all the good that still exists. It’s the yin and yang of life -, that’s why the third drop is completely different. All the good cannot exist without some bad. Without the bad in life we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good.” 

Listen to ‘Before You Go’ here.

You can also watch the music video below:

About indigo: 

Dallas-based DJ, producer, and vocalist, indigo, is an upcoming EDM artist whose goal is to help people heal through music. In the summer of 2012, Kaylin moved with her family to the suburbs of Dallas, where she started writing poetry and songs, played in a middle school band, was in choir and all the while balancing soccer and lacrosse. In her free time, she wrote and sang, however, she could only devote her attention to athletic extracurriculars that will steer her to Texas State University for college. The EDM scene caught her attention, and while she was attending Texas State University, she started working behind the scenes at a few shows in San Marcos and Austin. At the end of 2018, Kaylin made her dream of creating her own music a reality when she introduced her friends to her DJ persona, “indigo.” Her sets bring you through a healing journey, with drops to shake your soul and lyrics to heal your heart indigo mixes melodic dubstep, darker EDM tones, and other genres of EDM. 



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