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XDescend, a DJ/Producer, is a symbol of resilience and transformation, using the artist name to represent his life story of struggle and perseverance. Overcoming childhood challenges including speech and learning disabilities, then later was further complicated by mental illnesses, drugs, and poor life choices. He turned his life around following a spiritual awakening at 19. Today, he creates unique house music, inspired genres from hip hop, break-beats to every subgenre of house in between. His live performances are an energetic mix of music and dance, connecting deeply with audiences. Committed to giving back, he donates part of his merchandise sales to the Jed Foundation, a suicide prevention charity. XDescend hopes to inspire others with his story, demonstrating that anything is possible through hard work and determination. He stands as a testament to the power of resilience, aiming to motivate others to overcome their own struggles and achieve their dreams. Through his music and personal journey, XDescend continues to touch lives and make a positive impact on the world.

Thunderstorm. “Boom goes da thunder”!  Your head is not under the clouds, your head is in the clouds.  “Thoughts circle my mind like water in the sky.”  Your mind is a cloud, your thoughts are scattered like the water molecules trapped within your cloud. “Boom goes da thunder”! Each violent random heavy crack of sound happening in the sky all around you, triggers you to drop everything you are doing and do something else. Again, randoming Again and Again thunder shakes the floor within your brainstorm.
I wanted to artistically describe what it is like to have ADHD to those who don’t have it so compared ADHD to a storm, both can be chaotic and unpredictable. In a storm random heavy cracks of thunder happen randomly periodically without warning. Each Boom resembles a strong impulsive action to completely drop one task and start another. Chaotic nature that comes with thunderstorms just like it is living with ADHD. Just because you cannot see a mental disorder does not make it any less real to the person who has it.
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